18 MAY 1912, Page 13


[To TRH EDITOR Or THE "SrEorwron."] Sin,—In August 1910 you were good enough to publish a letter from Mr. Basil Williams respecting the visit of German students to England. May I now call attention to the forth. coming return visit of English students to Germany this summer ? The influential German committee making the necessary arrangements includes his Excellency Herr von Ilolleben as president, Prof. Sieper (Munich) as chairman, Prof. Harnack (Berlin), Freiherr von Stengel (Munich), and other prominent men. On this side the present visit has the approval and support of the British-German Friendship Society, the chairman of which—Sir Frank Lam:Tiles—was also chairman of the Anglo-German Students' Committee of 1910. Full particulars will be sent on application to me.—I