18 MAY 1912, Page 15

[To THE EDITOR 07 THE "1371CTATOR."1 SIR,—Professor Kenny's second letter

shows that a shipload

of Chinese—as the line which you last week allowed me to quote from Euripides seems to show that one of Greeks— would not have put the women and children in the boats first. But in another respect the Greeks may read us a lesson. A group of English firemen were found guilty the other day of breach of their contract with the White Star, but were let off because the loss of the ` Titanic' had got on their nerves. Theodorides in the "Anthology," sect. 3, 19 (Maokail), has this

epitaph :-- vcenryoil Tcitos Etat ' cry bi sale • sad yap 30' igeis 4.04€0 , ai Xoriral viler ?wovi-oropovv.

The late Dr. William James gives the following exquisite rendering (whose is it ?) in " Pragmatism," p. 297

"A shipwrecked seaman buried on this coast Bids you sot sail :

Full many a gallant bark, when we were lost, Weathered the gale."

—I am, Sir, &c., W. A. C.