18 MAY 1912, Page 25

A Book of Old - World Gardens, selected by A. H. Wyatt

(T. N. Penile, 2s. 8d. net), contains eight famous descriptions or essays. These are " An Essex Garden," by Southey ; " The Pleasure of a Garden," by Addison—it contains a translation of the Garden of Alcinotis from the Odyssey ; "On Gardens Old and New," by Sir Richard Steele ; Lord Bacon's essay "On Gardens" ; The Garden," by Cowley ; "On Gardening in 1685," by Sir William Temple, and by the same writer "The Gardens of the Ancients," and Sir Thomas Browne's "Garden of Cyrus." The book is made more attractive by eight illustrations in colour by Miss Beatrice Parsons. With this may be mentioned, as another judicious selection, The Little Book of Children, being "The Child Stories of Dr. John Brown." Illustrated by H. C. Preston

acGoun. (Same publishers.)