18 MAY 1912, Page 3

On Thursday Mr. Asquith announced that it was the inten-

tion of the Government that the Session should run on for a few days into August and that then the House should adjourn till October. We cannot doubt that this decision is a wise one. If an attempt had been made to force the Home Rule Bill and the Welsh Disestablishment Bill through before the House adjourned, the House would have had to sit con- tinuously till the middle of September or later, with results upon the health of Ministers and of members in general which could only ]rave been disastrous. As it is we can hardly expect the Committee stage of the Homo Rule Bill to be completed by the first week in August, but no doubt all the measures now introduced can be got through the Commons by the end of December. We most sincerely hope that the measure for dealing with the feeble-minded, introduced by Mr. McKenna on Thursday, will be pushed forward. The subject is one which may, without exaggeration, be described as of vital importance to the country.