18 MAY 1929, Page 20



" Experientia Docet " in his letter to you implies that the supporters of the Bishop of Liverpool's Bill are ipso facto proved to be democratic. Local Veto • is not democratic. as applied in his Lordship's Bill, for under it the citizens could only exercise their so-called Option one way—that is in decreasing the number of licences, and probably the -hours during which the public houses might be open. If they desire to have more licensed houses or longer open hours they would be powerless, for those matters are to be left in bureaucratic control.-.— J. EDRIC IL BAriivErI; Evening Hill; Park Lane,- Norwich.


The writer of the interesting- review in your issue of the 4th inst., A Socialist Thinks Again„" concludes with 'is quotation from Mr. R. H. Huttbn. (?) But sureely the "witty saying" is that of Walter Bagehot, and rthiS as folloirs : "No man shall go barefoot';- every man shall have one boot."—M. W. HOPES, Cudlow House; Rustington.

The Only- excuse for Mr:Harnilthn Fyfe's'doubtful reasoning and dangerous -advice on the above- subject is that his-article - is the result of a dinner table discussion. One knows those dinner table discussions..too well and. how glad me is that,. they, are not all followed, by articles setting forth the views of the diners.—W. V. HARREL, Royal St. Geoige "Vaefil. Club, the, Irerand:. ' I visited the stOckYards at • Chicago in October, 1884; after the close of the British Association's visit to Montreal in that year. I walked about on planks, organgways, a foot or more-- above the -heads of the bullocks, where also walked men with rifles, who, with the rifles almost touching. the heads Of the beasts,. shot them down.j--WiLLIAN. BAISNAlin,

Athenaeum Club, 116 Piceadilly, W..1. - PriEerovs BANE. • I wonder whether many or whether few of those who have read the late Mrs. Webb's Precious Bane know that she seems

to have taken" the title Of the book Paradise Lod.- There is a pasSag.ein 'Book I, lines 690 to '692;-which is as-follows - ' "Lee none-admire 1- 'That riches grow in hell • that soil may best. - . Deserve the precious.bae.". .

—W. R. EVANS, Heulfre, Ruthin. • - • - • ...