18 MAY 1929, Page 21

", The lyric note of the true oenophile," as Messrs.

Knopf ' not ineptly (tall it, on the -wrapper of Mr. Morton Shand's A Book of Other Vines than ,French (Ws. 6d.) is never far absent from this wise and witty author. His Book of Wine and Book of French Wines are classics of their kind. In this volume the same knowledge and the same style are evident.: only two small criticisms, occur to us. The section on Italian wines is -too sketchy. We admit that - (generally speaking) Italian wine growers are careless of their vines ; yet more might have been said of the excellent flavour of Barolo, the tonic qualities of Chianti and the bouqtret' of Orvieto. ' Our other comment concerns Port, which Mr. Shand evidently considers a- poor kind of cocktail. No doubt it is a mixture of wine and brandy with sometimes other leas pleasant ingredients, but a good vintage port is worth all the care that is lavished on it and the appreciation of wise men. We feel the author is hard on port drinkers, who sometimes suffer enough for their taste as it is. But, all in all, this is a good book : the sections on Rhine wines and on Tokay may be specially recommended.