18 MAY 1929, Page 37


The report of the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company showed a record total income for the year, and the highest underwriting profits since 1919. The favourable impression created by those figures was heightened by the statements made by the chairman, Mr. A. Kentish Barnes, at the annual meeting held at Liverpool, on Tuesday. Among other things Mr. Barnes stated that the total funds of the company showed an increase for the year of 1941,819, and now stand at the high figure of well over £23,000,000. The chairman was also able to give a very satisfactory account of the company's operations in the United States, and in passing it may be noted that the year 1928 marked the 18th anniversary of the company's entry into that country, while it also marked the 75th anniversary of its entry into Australasia. The company is now paying a further dividend, making 25s. per share, as compared with 24s. for 1927, carrying forward the substantial sum of £609,901.