18 MAY 1929, Page 37


So much of the almost phenomenal progress of the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company has, in recent years, been connected with the energy and ability displayed by its general manager and secretary, Mr. Hugh Lewis, that there will be general regret in insurance and financial circles on learning the announcement made by the chairman at the annual meeting of Mr. Lewis's impending retirement. This regret will, however, to some extent be chastened by satis- faction that the directors of the Royal Insurance Company and of the . Liverpool and London and Globe have made prompt recognition of the great services rendered and of the great value set upon his wide experience and sound judgment by electing him to the boards of both of those companies. Quite apart from his great record of service at the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, Mr. Lewis is regarded to-day on both sides of the Atlantic as one of the

ablest of our insurance experts, and only a few years ago he came into special prominence as chairman of the Japan In- surance Committee which sat for over a year and dealt with problems arising out of the 1928 earthquake disaster. It was largely due to Mr. Lewis's able leadership that a settle- ment was reached satisfactory to all parties.