18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 1

Had New Zealand settlers committed a tenth of the atrocities

perpetrated by the English in Jamaica the Times would have held them up to the scorn of Europe. The victims being negroes, those acts are of course commendable, and the Times even goes out of its way to revive the old West Indian falsehood about the share of the Baptists in the insurrection of 1831. It tauntingly asks Sir Morton Peto whether " Knibb " was not a Baptist. Sir Morton quietly acknowledges a fact which reflects the greatest credit on his denomination, Mr. Knibb having been one of the most devoted and successful philanthropists who ever lived, and the Times calls the admission a confession, and asks whether Gordon also is not a Baptist. We trust he was, for in that case the Non- conformist body will compel an inquiry into the most precipitate execution ever authorized by a British Government. The hatred of the whites in Jamaica for the missionaries, who are brutes enough to believe that black men have souls, is of ancient standing; and the Times, which helped to abolish slavery when it was un- popular, now panders to the lowest of alaveholding theories—the belief that a black man is a brute.