18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 1

Spain is at war again. Her Government, having invaded St.

Domingo and distrained on the guano islands, has now turned its attention to Chili. It has claims on Chili which are probably just, but they were arranged with the republic by her pleni- potentiary. Admiral Pareja, however, disowned the arrange- ment, and on the 18th of September, the anniversary of Chilian independence, presented an ultimatum demanding satisfaction, explanations, and a salute to his flag of twenty-one guns. The demand was rejected„ and Admiral Pareja placed Valparaiso under blockade. The English, French, and American Ministers remonstrated without effect beyond obtaining ten days' law for neutral vessels, and all the banks in Chili were compelled to suspend cash payments. Trade was stopped, incoming vessels ordered to leave, and menaces held out of the bombardment of the city. The Chilian Government, which is wealthy and energetic, has refused to yield, and unless some maritime power intervenes the ports of Chili will continue blockaded. It is not probable that the expedition will be quite as successful as the one to Callao, the American Government showing symptoms of impatience at these high-handed proceedings.