18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 1

The special correspondent of the Jamaica Standard at Morant Bay

says that as nothing could be proved against a lot of supposed rebels, except that they were " stragglers "—does he mean vagrants ?—thirty of them were only lashed to a gun, and tatted with fifty lashes each on the bare back. Among these rebels " was George Marshall, a brown man of about twenty-five years old, who, on receiving forty-seven lashes, ground his teeth and gave a ferocious look of defiance at the provost-marshal. He was immediately ordered to be taken from the gun and hanged," and he was hanged. If this is true, it was most likely a worse crime in the sight of God than that of the rebels themselves. But butchery over which, in America or New Zealand, we should shriek, and thank God that we are not as other men are, we load with praise in our own soldiers dealing with negro rebels.