18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 2

The detailed news from New Zealand is very honourable to

the colonists. Not only were they succeeding in every engage- ment, not only had they carried a second pah, Kairomiromi, garrisoned by 200 Maories, which General Cameron would not have approached till he had sent for fresh soldiers from England, and got them,—but the Weld Government were behaving most generously to the Maories. They had issued an amnesty pardon- ing all except those engaged in eight specified murders,—murders of the worst dye. The Separation resolutions brought on by the discontented Auckland men in league with a few of the Otago representatives were negatived in the Assembly by 31 to 17. But we fear the subject will become one for chronic irritation. Auckland is irritated at ceasing to be the capital, and thinks that if the Northern island were separated Auckland might be the capital again while some in the Southern island wish to enjoy its large re- sources without the set-off of the Northern burdens. Mr. Cardwell ought to interfere peremptorily to extinguish this discussion. The financial question simply becomes insoluble if the Southern island, with all her great resources of gold revenue and land revenue (un- diminished by fear of Maories), goes off even with any reasonably estimated proportion of the debt on her shoulders, and leaves her poor sister in the lurch.