18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 21

earliest geological times to what the author calls the Asiatic


He means by this the great catastrophe which he considers to be de- scribed in the seventh chapter of Genesis, when in his opinion, by the upheaval of part of the Caucasian range, a great inundation was caused, and the volcanic cone of Mount Ararat definitively formed. The work is profusely illustrated ; there are twenty-five ideal landscapes of the people not a vestige of the moaning attributed to it, and a quotation from ancient world, and more than 200 sketches of animals, plants, and fossils. Dr. Dellinger, which the critic did not inform the world was a quotation, These are executed with great spirit ; the effect of light in the Mastro- tiou of the Silurian period, and the general wrack in that of the deluge Catholics;" who finally paraphrases a passage from his book in a way that could not be given with greater force. The translator has done ample justice to his author, and has very sensibly introduced references to feria impudentissime." Mr. Oxenham proclaims his wrongs to the world in English authorities in matters which are still undetermined, so that the the pamphlet which bears the title at the head of this notice, and we have French liveliness of imagination is tempered with British caution. no hesitation in saying that he has proved his case, defining as he does d Altogether the book forms a useful and agreeable introduction to geolo- dishonest criticism to be that which arises from prejudice, unconscious gical study, containing just the amount of sensation that is necessary perhaps, but such as renders real candour in dealing with an opponent for popular science. We may just hint in conclusion that there are an intellectual impossibility. We think that men of all opinions should some corrections required ; the quotations from Aristotle and Linnaans join in reprobating such criticism, equally offensive to the sense of justice at page 416 are both wrongly give; and there is an astounding trans- and the sense of propriety, but we fear that it will yet ha some time