18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 21

Protestants are not to have controversy all to ourselves, nor

even such a earthly things soothed only by Christian faith. precious possession as the standard of justice and courtesy that is sot up The World Before the Deluge. By Louis Fignier. Translated from in the Record. Mr. Oxenham has written a book on the Catholic doe- the fourth French edition. (Chapman and Hall.)—This interesting trine of the Atonement, which is not at all to the liking of the Dublin Review, the organ of l7ltramontanism in this country. Whereupon volume is a reproduction of a French oeuvre de lure, intended by the there is let loose on him in the Review a critic who characterizes his original writer to attract the attention of the general public to Keehn- essay, which has been favourably received as an intellectual work in the gical study. It contains an account in simple language of the succes- sive metamorphoses through which the earth has passed from the most opposite quarters, as "pitiable, shallow, random, imbecile, and contemptible ;" who brings against him two charges of heresy (a serious thing in the Romau Catholic Church), one of which ho is compelled to retract, but will not apologize for, " because Mr. Osmium is not a humble and loyal Catholic," whilst he bases the other upon a simile and a quo- tation, a simile which a writer in the Tablet declares will convoy to most "because of the low estimation in which Dr. Dellinger is held by good w

has provoked from a third person the dear old scholiast rejoinder, '°Men-