18 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 3

" A. Head Master " writes an able letter to

the Times of this day week, showing the very small chance of building a school in the City for.1,000 boys for 50,0001., and the still less chance of edu- cating them respectably for so little as four guineas a head. He urges that several schools of 300 boys each would be infinitely more useful than one gigantic school containing all. We believe this to be true, and the subdivision would render easier the devotion of half of the City trust funds available for this purpose to girls' schools, alluty which seems fading out of the mind of Mr. Rogers and those who are planning this great reform. Undoubtedly the funds to be used were meant for women as well as for men—burning women, for example, was especially pleasant—and the fact thatwomen have been ousted from their rights in the matter only gives them a greater claim. And seriously, as a question of mere general improvement, we have no doubt that to educate a given number of children, half of each sex, will produce a far greater result in the next generation than to educate the same number, all boys.