18 OCTOBER 1834, Page 1

An arrival from Lisbon brings intelligence to the 5th instant.

The funeral of Don PEDRO occupied the greater part of the night of the 27th and 28th of September ; though he was not buried Nvith royal, but military honours, according to his request. The people testified their gratitude and affection for his memory by their respectful and orderly behaviour. More than a thousand of the poorer classes bought torches, and attended the funeral of their own accord.

The Chambers reopened on the 3d of October; and the Oppo- sition, headed by SALDANHA, lost no time in showing their hos- tility to the new order of things. The pretence was some alleged irregularity, or breach of the Charter in PALMELLA'S assuming the Presidency of the Ministry. PALMELLA defended himself with spirit and success. No one Seems to know what SALDANHA would be about. He conducts himself in a reckless, inconsistent. manner, and derives all his influence from his popularity in the army. M. BAYARD, the Under Secretary in the Portuguese Foreign Office, has been despatched to the Duke of LEUCHTENBERG with the favourite sword of Psnizo, bequeathed to him by the late Regent, and with an invitation to repair to Lisbon. M. BAYARD is said also to be the bearer of all the papers necessary to com- plete the nuptial contract between the Duke and Donna MARIA. The Courts of Russia, Austria, and Prussia, have expressed their high displeasure at this match; but Portugal, allied to England, Spain, and France, may safely despise their threats.

Financial afFsirs in Portugal were going on prosperously, ac- cording to the last accounts. A considerable sum in gold, which had been imported from this country in case of need, has been sent back again, to pay dividends and for other purposes. The Government has also advanced 110,000/. to relieve the agricul- turists.