18 OCTOBER 1834, Page 1

The Arab inhabitants of Algiers have been addressed by their

new Governor, Count D'EasoN, in a proclamation, worthy of the Caliph of the King of the French, as he styles himself. After an introductory paragraph of praise to the Creator, in the Eastern fashion, this precious document proceeds in the following

"The King of the French, your lord and mine, has confided to me the go- vernment of your fertile countries. The powerful monarch, whose force is in- vincible, whose troops are as numerous as the grains of sand in Sahara, and whose ships plough through every sea, wishes to reign over you by his favours solely. All the present inhabitants of the Regency ot Algiers are his children, without any distinction as to race or religion. Thus behold in roe the chief which he gives the new people, which, under the patrona,ge of France, must rapidly advance towards glory and prosperity ! Let every distinction of origin cease ; let all hatred disappear. In one hand I will hold the scale ofjustice equal for all ; in the other the sword destined to punish the oppressor and to defend the oppressed I shall treat you according to your deeds. In my long military career, I have ever been mild towards the good, and terrible towards the wicked. Above all, do not lose sight that the French will never abandon the Mikan soil, and that all the nations of the earth know that it is better to have them for friends than for enemies."