18 OCTOBER 1834, Page 1

The law for the exclusion of Don CARLOS and his

descendants from the Spanish throne passed the Procuradores on the 8th instant; all of the Members present, one hundred and twenty in number, voting in favour of it ; though Senor CABALLERO spoke against it, on the ground of its being useless. If, he argued, Don CARLOS should by force of arms obtain the dominion of the country, this law will be repealed by a Cortes subservient to his purposes; and the passing of this law will not in the least degree strengthen our resolves to support the Queen. Still it could do no harm, and he would therefore vote for it.

The Madrid correspondent of the Times furnishes an abstract of the budget, which Count TORENO was shortly to open before the Procuradores.

The ordinary receipts are put down at


The expected increase at


£8,586,:379 The ordinary expenditure at -C9,373,403

Deduct expected savings 159,866


Excess of expenditure


It thus appears, that, on the most favourable showing, a deficit cf upwards of 600,000/. must be looked for. But the revenue of the country is over-estimated, for the purpose of alluring foreigners to offer better terms for a loan of four millions sterling, which the Chambers have authorized. No capitalists have yet ventured to take this loan, though the terms offered are usurious, being not less than 100/. five per cent. stock for 60/. cash. The conspiracy which was discovered some time ago at Madrid, Ii said to have had extensive ramifications in the provinces, more than 10,000 persons being implicated in it.

GssiArso, the member for Cadiz, has taken his seat in the Chamber of Procuradores; notwithstanding some opposition from the Ministers, on the alleged ground of deficiency of income. He IS expected to prove a formidable opponent to the Ministers.

Items has resigned all his employments, in disgust at being de- prived of the command in Navarre; which seems at any rate to have [been a premature proceeding, as MINA is not sufficiently re- enered to take his place. It is stated positively that the Carlists, Under ZUMALACARREGUY, have taken Bilboa, by a sudden march, and after a very slight resistance. This news, if true, is important, fu the Carlists will experience much less difficulty in obtaining arms and ammunition. Their chiefs pay 4/. sterling for every, sound musket, and the price is sufficiently high to have induced several French and English adventurers to run all risks of loss in the attempt to supply them. These risks will be materially lessened, of course, by the possession of a seaport.

A report was prevalent at the beginning of the week, that Don Almost, had travelled through France in disguise, and joined his brother in allliction, Don CAR Los, in Navarre. Much speculation was wasted on the probable consequences of this expedition ; but yesterday, accounts were received in decisive contradiction of the rumour. Don Mrousi. was certainly at Rome on the 29th Of September, and therefore could not have reached Navarre at the time supposed.