18 OCTOBER 1834, Page 2

Int court.

THE King arrived in town from Windsor on Wednesday, and held a Privy Council, at which it was decided that Parliament should be fur- ther prorogued from the 23d instant to Tuesday the 2-5th of November. After giving audience to several of his Ministers, his Majesty returned to Windsor. On Thursday, the King dined at Hampton Court with the Earl of Albemarle, and a select party ; the guests being Lords Melbourne, Althorp, Auckland, and Palmerston, Mr. Spring Rice, and Mr. Aber- cromby. Lord Brougham, who returned to town on Monday from Lord Radnor's, took his departure the next day for Brighton : lie there- fore was not of the party, if invited—which is questionable.

Lord Hill returned on Monday from a visit to his Majesty at Windsor.

The Dutchess of Kent has presented Mr. Madden, Master of the Ceremonies at Tunbridge Vells, with a print of herself and the Prin- cess Victoria, as a token of approbation of the manner in which he has fulfilled his arduous duties.

The Princess Augusta is on a visit to the Duke and Dutchess of Gloucester, at Bagshot Park.