18 OCTOBER 1834, Page 6


On the lath inst., in Hyde Park Terme, tlw Hon. Mrs. Rai KES CURRIE, of a son. On the lath lint., at Down Lodge, Wandsworth, the wife of ANTHONY F. Bats-

BRIDGE, Esq., of a daughter.

On the tins inst., at RerIllAt011e, the Lady CAROLINE CALCMAFT, of a son. On the 3d inst., at Pau, Basses Pyrenees, the Lady of II ENKY SHEPHERD PsAnvorr,

Esq., of a daughter.

On the 13th lust., at Highwood Hill, the Lady of Dr. Ferrets, of a son. At Anne's Grove, Cork, the Lady of Lieut.-6eu. the Hon. A. GORE ANNESLEY, of a


At Mount Brown, Mayo. the Lady of J. BROWNE, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.

At Markree, Sligo, the Lady of E. J. CLOPER, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.


GI1 the 9th inst. at Ilarfield, forks, Mr. OLIVER RANSFORD, of Bristol. to HENRI- ETTA, secoud daughter of Daniel de Castro, of the obit% e place. At St. Pancras, Captain CHARLES Esoldstr, R.N., to JEMIMA, daughter of the late

J. Carden, Esq., of Bedford Square.

On the 14th inst., at St. George's, IIanover Square, WILLIAM CHAMIER, Esq., to

E us t,y, eldest daughter of Thomas Crookenden, of Rusliford Lodge, in the county of Suffolk. Esq. On the 14th inst., at Norwich, GEORGE Throe, Esq., to Matte ANGELICA, daughter o the Rev. Robert Fountain° Elwin.

On the 9th inst., at MilbrOok, hICITARD Bhw., Esq. Collector of Customs, South/imp.

ton. to MARGARET MARIA FELLOVES, second daughter of Henry A. II ardman, Esq., of Hill Villa, Hants. DEATHS.

Lady LYNCH BLOSSZ, relict of Sir IL L. Moue, Bart., in her 54111 year. On the 23d ult., at Oxted, Surry, Mrs. ANN GOODALL, in her 83d year.

On the 26th of April, at Bombay, of a rapid decline, JAMES SEA roN, Esq., of' the Civil Service, and fourth son of the late Sir Alexander Seaton, of Aberdeen, North Britain.

Capt. AY11,cocz, R.N.. on his way from Bushire to

On Ole 13th inst., Ron city ADAIR. Esq.. of Harley Place, MarIeboue, in his 82,1 year. On the 10th inst., at Edinburgh. ELtz a, widow of the late tieneral Francis Dundas, many years Oovernor of the Cape of (loud How, and Colonel of tie 71st fleet. On the 12th inst., at the Rectory, Ashmore, Dorset, JANE, relict of the Dr. Chisholm, iu her 80th year.