18 OCTOBER 1873, Page 1


illHE Emperor of Germany, on Tuesday, October 14, caused JL two letters which had passed between himself and the Pope to 'be published throughout Europe. We say caused, because no one but the Emperor could have authorised the publication. The Papal letter is dated from the Vatican, August 7; and the Imperial reply, Berlin, September 3, nearly a month after. The elate of publication was probably fixed by the' death of the first Bishop (Fulda) who has died in Germany since the struggle began. We have analysed the documents elsewhere, as they seem to us stately announcements of war to the knife between the State and the Catholic Church in Germany, but may add here that they are denounced in Ireland as malicious forgeries, intended to make the Pope look silly. It is known in London, however, that they are genuine ; they have been republished throughout Germany, where no one forges the Emperor's name ; and they are treated in Vienna as documents of the highest importance, in which all Liberals exult. The only phrase giving any internal evidence of manufacture is the reference of the Pope to his -" banner," but he probably used the word labarum, which is within rigid ecclesiastical Latinity.