18 OCTOBER 1873, Page 1

The French elections of Sunday resulted in a complete and

striking victory for the Republicans in all the four departments -where elections were held. In the Puy de Dame there was no contest, M. Girot-Pouzol being elected by 79,825 votes. In the Nievre, M. Turigny, whose last election had been invalidated by the Assembly, on the ground, we believe, of certain posters which -were considered disrespectful to the Legislature, gained upon his rival of the previous election (M. Gillois) by more than 10,000 votes,—i.e., his majority over M. Gillois is to be numbered by more thousands this time than it was by hundreds last time (M. Turigny, 39,872; M. Gillois, 28,253). In the Loire, M. Reymond received 59,886, to only 24,588 given for his Conserva- tive competitor. And in the Haute Garonne, M. de Remusat, M. Thiers' late Minister of Foreign Affairs, received 70,669 votes, against only 31,092 given for the Conservative, M. Niel. The Government of Combat has not taken much by the battle. M. Batbie, who so christened it with much pomp, should call it for the future,—the Government of Defeat.