18 OCTOBER 1873, Page 2

The accounts from Spain are satisfactory in all respects but

one. President Castelar has reduced the greater part of Spain to order, has moved Moriones again against the Carlists, has obtained some further supply of money, and has kept Madrid quite quiet. But he has stopped production by some taxes on communication, and has not yet conquered Cartagena. Admiral Lobo with his fleet did indeed drive the insurgent fleet back into harbour, the British sailors cheering the fine firing of the Tetuan, but the Irreconcilables attributed that to the cowardice of General Contreras—who probably, poor man ! was only sea- sick—removed him, and stood out to battle again. There- upon Admiral Lobo retired to Gibraltar, an act for which he has been dismissed his command, and will probably be tried by court- martial. He is most likely the sort of man who cannot make a little go a great way, but the Minister of Marine has taken his place, and if we may judge by the example set by the Minister of the Interior, who at Alicante showed a distinct taste for being under fire, he will either take the insurgent fleet by boarding, or will give the Ineconcilables a new vigtory to boast of, which may protract the siege of Cartagena for some osieeks. .