18 OCTOBER 1873, Page 3

The Teetotal Alliance held their annual meeting at Manchester on

Tuesday, and pledged themselves to use all their electoral power to oppose candidates who will not vote for the Permissive Bill. This kind of pledge is becoming very general, the Alliance people, the League people, the Female Suffrage people, the A. C. D. people, and the Publicans having already adopted the same policy, but the Ballot exists. The Alliance has tried it at Bath and got fifty-seven votes, and will probably find itself next election with only one or two representatives. The speeches were unusually dull and bad, and the Chairman, Sir Walter C. Trevelyan, showed even more than the usual ignorance of the party. He actually predicted that if drinking went on, our branch of the human race would perish. Who does he think multiply fastest, Englishmen or Persians, who are, at least, as teetotal as he ever expects Englishmen to be?