18 OCTOBER 1919, Page 16


(To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR ."l SIR,—Perhaps this eat and dog story may interest your readers. My old Cocker spaniel is now—for his protection—taken out walking on a lead. The other day the coachman was bringing him in across the stable yard when a white West Highland terrier belonging to the farm on the other side made a rush nnan-ares and bowled the spaniel over. Instantly our stable eat sprang on the back of the white dog and drove him, literally with tcoth and nail, to his own place. The coachman tells -me that this cat often keeps guard now, forming a by no means peaceful picket, when the terrier wishes to leave his proper territory. I am glad to say that so far no blood has been shed, and the masters on both sides view the matter from its humorous side.-4 am, Sig, &c., P. M. RAMSAY. P.S..—The cat is a small wiry yellow tabby.