19 AUGUST 1854, Page 21


Tuesday, August 15.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.-Crowther and Watson, Leeds, prussiate of potash Insusufacturers-Whitworth and Clarkson, Huddersfield. tea-dealers-Grist and Pc rry, Chelse#, smiths-Brown and Co. Sunderland, timber-merchants-Trowsdale Co. Stockton, railway-contractors; as far RS regards T. Garbutt jun.-Jackson and Garbutt. Stockton, iron-merchants -Ward and Co. Wood Street, hosiers; as far as regards J. IL Sharp-Start and Sharp, Wood Street, warehousemen; as far as regards J. H. Sharp-Preston and Foden, Manchester, commission-agents-Ager and Brown, Norwood, victuallers-Furnival and Summers, Egham, keepers of an asy- lum-Schlesinger and Wilkin. Liverpool, merchants-Woodward and Woodhouse, Worcester, hop-merchants-Westley and Son, or Westley and Sons, Dudley, bmss- founders ; as far as regards C. Westley-Bryant and Field, Richmond, Surrey, dra- pers-Otto and Co. Commercial Street, Whitechapel, writers on glass-Riddey and Co. Lincoln, drapers-Dawkins and Co. Bow Lane, warehousemen-Lucas, Micholls, and Co. London, merchants, and Micholls, Lucas, and Co. Manchester and Stock- port, spinners ; as far as regards P. Lucas jun.-Wade and Lenin, Market Boo- n orth, mercers-Stevens and Co. chemical-manure-manufacturers, and the City of London Portable Manure Company, Bromley-Duncan and Co. Tooley Street, isinglass-merchants-Howson and Anderson, Rishton, Blackburn, power-loom- cloth-manufacturers -Dixon and Beane, Chelsea, lime-merchants- Mallett and Co. Quorndon, Leicestershire, lace-manufacturers-Carter, Brothers, Kirkburton, edge- tool.makers-Danks and Lowe, Wednesbury, gas-tube-makers ; as far as regards B. Danks-Nicholson and Harkes, London, iron-founders-Andrews and Co. Chelten- ham, money-scriveners-Major and Co. Chester, manufacturers of vegetable black and printing-ink-Mitchell and Son, Charing Cross, stationers-Major and Co. Nottingham, lace-merchants ; as far as regards G. Major-Poole and Cornelius, Sherborne, land-agents -Churchett and Wright, Hatton Garden, drapers-O'Neill and Smythe, Crown Court, Old Broad Street wine-merchants-Stevens and Elliott, Nottingham, drapers-Shannon and M'Kenna. Liverpool, coal-merchants. BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.-GEORGE CRICKLIER, Lowestoft, saddler-Issee Coos, Sunderland, painter.

BANKRUETS.-ALFRED Hawes EDOLEY, Botesdale, Suffolk, innkeeper, to surrender Aug. 28, Sept. 26: solicitors, Nicholls and Doyle, Gray's Inn; Jennings, Ipswich: official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Prumr RIMER, Gravesend, cigar-mer- chant, Sept. 2, 29: solicitor, Philpot, Gracechurch Street; official assignee, Whit- more, Basinghall Street-FRA.NCIS WILDBORE, Wisbeach, hotelkeeper,,Sept. 2, 29: solicitors, Linklaters, Side Lane; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street- WILLIAM Ivows, Norwich, grocer, Sept. 2, 29: solicitors, Sole and Co. Alderman- bury ; Miller and Son, Norwich; official assignee, Canaan, Alderrnanbury-JoaN THOMAS JENKINS, Deptford, builder, Sept. 2, 29: solicitors, Newbon and Evans, Wardrobe Place, Doctors' Commons; official assignee. Cannan, Aldermanbury - SEXILY JOHN ASHLEY, Newbury, artificial-manure-merchant, Sept. 2, 29: solicitors, Rickards and Walker, Lincoln's Inn Fields; Cave, Newbury ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-HENRY DAVY Crediton, linen-manufacturer, Aug. 23, Sept. 21: solicitor, Terrell, Exeter ; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-WILLIAM 51rn6E, Paignton, Devonshire, fly-proprietor, Aug. 23, Sept. 21: solicitors, Stogdon, Exeter ; Leaman, Paignton; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-WILLIAM and HENRI' SHAW, Mold Green, Huddersfield, dyers, Aug. 28, Sept. 25: solicitors, Hird, Hud- dersfield; Curios and Cudworth, Leeds; official assignee, Hope, Leeds-TrromAs MELLoR and &mum. EASON, Liverpool, merchants, Aug. 23. Sept. 18: solicitors, Haigh, Liverpool; Sale and Co. Manchester; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool -WILLIAM COVENEY, Manchester, silk-manufacturer, Aug. 29, Sept. 19: solicitors, robbett and Wheeler, Manchester ; official assignee, Pott, Manchester-Sismom STANSFIELD, Little Hulton, Lancashire, cotton-spinner, Aug. 25, Sept. 15: solicitors, Rushton and Armitstead, Bolton-le-Moors ; official assignee, Hernaman, Man- chester.

Divinsmo.--Sept. 4, Spendelow, Market Drayton, Salop, chemist.

CERyzereATEs.-To to granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of tneeting.-Sept. 9, Merrick, Hereford Road, Westbourne Grove, builder-Sept. 9, Praise, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, merchant-Sept. 7, Wears, Southsea, grocer-Sept. 7, Prout, Addle Street, Cheapside, victualler-Sept. 7, Claridge, Souldern, Oxford- tea-dealer-Sept. 7, Williams and Warbreck, Liverpool, chemists-Sept. 5, Neill and Sanderson, Liverpool. ship-brokers-Sept. 6, Aconsb, Blackburn, draper- Sept. 6, Matthews, Hull, maltster-Sept. 14, Marbe, Birmingham, chemist.

DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDF.NDS.-- Upward, Lyme Regis, draper ; final div. of Old. and 10s. on new proofs ; Hirtzel, Exeter-Head, Exeter, silversmith ; first div. of 12s. 6d,; Hirtzel, Exeter-J. Munden senior, Metherbury,Dorsetshire, flax-spinner ; first div. of 4.s. 51d. ; Hirtzel, Exeter-Harris, Camborne, Cornwall, grocer ; div. of 9s. 65. on new proofs, any Tuesday or Friday ; Hirtzel, Exeter-Gubb, Exeter, inn- keeper ; final dive of Is. Id,: Hirtzel, Exeter-Gunning, Okeharnpton, Devonshire, surgeon; first div. of 10s. ; Hirtzel, Exeter-Rogers, Callington, Cornwall, surgeon ; first div. of 5s. ; Hirtzel, Exeter -Robinson, ilexham, Northumberland, currier ; first die. of 2.1. any day before the 16th instant, or any Saturday after the 1st of October ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.-WDonald, Portobello, spirit-merchant, Aug. 29-Scott, Edinburgh, grocer, Aug. 24.

-Friday, August 18. PARTNERBILLPS D/SSOLVED.-Itotton and Co. Liverpool, fishmongers-Rotton and Son, Birmingham, fishmongers - Wright and Brother, Manchester, calico-dealers- C. W. Wright, Manchester, and J. T. Wright, South Clifton, Nottinghamshire, malt- sters-Humphreys and Whitaker, Walsall, drapers-Burrows and M'Call, Bury, coach-builders ; as far as regards It. M 'Call-Meads sad Sampson, Liverpool, ship- store-dealers-Newman and Blunkell, Brownlow Street, Holborn, dressing-case-ma- nufacturers-A. and G. Mansfield, Farehanu, farmers-Heald and Parish, Homcastle, drapers-Watson and Co. York, share-brokers-Hartcup and Bailee, Bungay, atter- ides -Dale and Co. Old Broad Street-Parrish and Lewis, Birchyfield Collieries, Old- bury, Worcestershire, coal-miners-Haley and Son, Bramley, Leeds, cloth-manufac- turers-Pike and Crump, Whitney, ironmongers-Hawkins and Down, Commerce Pl. North Brixton, dyers-Imeson and Craven, Manuingham, Yorkshire, contractors- Sadler and Co. Dunstan, keel-owners-J. arid W. Cronkshaw, Nottington Higher End, cotton-spinners ; as far as regards J. Cronkshaw-Westbrook and Co. Oxford Street, grocers ; as far as regards A. Westbrook-Pearce and Brewer, Liverpool, booksellers -E. and W. Parkinson, Bradford, Yorkshire, grocers-Brown and Forster, Regent Street, woollen-drapers-Cannon, Bancroft Place, Mile End, and Greayer junior, Yigh Street, Bow, manufacturers of emery-cloth-Hague and Parkin, Sheffield, Joiners-Simon and Co. NVarnford Court, Throgmorton Street, stock-brokers ; as far as regards M. Simon-Crabtree and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, machine-makers - hurts and Co. Liverpool, tar-distillers; as far as regards W. T. Keightley -Inwards and Co. Leicester, milliners; as far as regards A. Inwards-Picard and Co. Vine) ard Walk, Clerkenwell, French artificial-flower-makers-J. and T. Lewin, Liverpool, wine-merchants-Partridge and West, Leicester, fishmongers-Tattersall and Co. Deane, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers -Israll and Co. Dundee, mer- chants-Greenshields Brothers, Glasgow, musicsellers-A. and R. Renfrew, Glas- gow, wadding,-manufacturers-Clark junior and Co. Aldermanbury, thread-mer- chants; as far as regards W. and J. Clark-Caldwell and Co. Glasgow, drysalters ; as far as regards J. Robertson, BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED,-Mee, Bath, Berlin-wool-dealer. BANKReeys.- HENRY KNAre, Chelsea, builder, to surrender Aug. 31, Oct. 4: solicitor, 14uson, Ironmonger Lane ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings -.-TnomAs MARsom, South Place, Finsbury, dealer in horses, Sept. 4, Oct. 11: soli- citors, Smith and Son, Barnard's Inn ; official aesignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street -SIDNEY MILNES IlAwszs, Britten Street, Chelsea, brewer, Sept. 4, 30: solicitors, Marten and Co. Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane; official assignee, Whit- more, Basinghall Street-SAmuEL HBRBERT &rosin's. Stock Exchange, dealer in stocks, Sept. 2, 30: solicitor, Eady, Hatton Garden ; official assignee, Cannan, Al- dermaubury-HENRY ALFRED MATLIEWs, Camberwell Green, boarding-housekeept r, Aug, 26, Sept. 27: solicitors, Wilkinson and Co. Nicholas Lane ; official assigne Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-ROBSRY TRIPP, St. Michael's Chambers, St. Michael's Alley, dealer in railway-shares, Aug. 28, Sept. 26: solicitors, Goddard and Eyre, Wood Street; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-GEOROE Timmer' CHAN- TEY, Birmingham, paper-box-manufacturer, Sept. 1, 28: solicitor, Standbridge, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-HENRY BREWER, Ross, Herefordshire, innkeeper, Aug. 29. Sept. 26: solicitor, Wilkes, Gloucester ; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-Semen. RourLrnoE, Huddersfield, dyer, Sept. 4, Oct. 5: solicitors, Floyd and Son, Huddersfield; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official as- signee, Hope, Leeds -HENRY SOAELETT, Huddersfield, brewer, Aug. 28, Oct. 5: soli- citors, Sykes, Huddersfield; Bond and Barwick. Leeds; official assignee, Hope, Leeds-TmomAs DEANS, Blackburn, draper, Sept. 1,30: solicitors, Cobbett and Wheeler, Manchester ; official assignee, Hernaman, Manchester.

DIVIDEND.-Oct. 3, Edwards, Newport, Monmouthshire, iron-founder.

CERTIFICATES.-2b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-Sept. 7, Langlands, Dartford, grocer-Oct. 4, Mackenzie, St. Helen's Place, Bishopsgate Street, merchant-Sept. 21, Burtonand Gabb, Wigmore Street, church- furnishers-Sept. 8, Stanley, Queen Street, City, fishing-tackle-maker-Sept. 8, Evans, Westbourne Terrace, surgeon-Sept. 13, Bird, Weston, Bath, brewer-Sept. 12, Turner, Brecon, innkeeper-Sept. 12, Bowermau, Gloucester, brewer-Sept. 12, Latham junior, Bristol, leather-dealer-Sept. 13, Walton, Macclesfield, silk-manu- facturer.

DECLARATION or DinnENn.-Rufford and Co. Stourbridge, bankers ; second div. of Is. 3d. any Thursday after the 8th of October next ; Whitmore, Birmingham.