19 AUGUST 1865, Page 1

Another war seems imminent at the Cape. The Dutch Boers,

who some years ago set up the independent colonies of Transvaal and Free State, have quarrelled with Moshesh, chief of the Basutos. They say he has cheated them in the matter of boundary —which is very likely, Moshesh belonging to the pre-boundary period—and have declared war to put the matter straight. Moshesh, on his side, affirms that he is the sufferer, and has poured his tribe into Caledon, the nearest district, driven off all cattle, and it is said killed all males. The Boers of course have taken up arms, and their friends and relatives in the Cape Colony are eager to lend them aid. The Governor has warned all colonists not to interfere, but the Dutch settlers are already marching northward to aid their friends, and it seems possible that the Basutos will attack Natal. Judging from their past history, it is nearly certain that the Boers were originally in the wrong, that the Basutos avenged themselves by a greater wrong, and that the Boers will win. A Basuto can fight, but the Boers are probably the "dourest," as they are among the biggest men in the world.