19 AUGUST 1865, Page 1

The cattle pest is spreading in the Eastern, Southern, and

Mid- land Counties, and the Government on Saturday issued Orders in Council empowering any infected district to appoint inspectors, with power to order the isolation or destruction of any animal, or the cleansing of any place in which cattle are kept, under the penalty of 201. The farmers complain that this is not sufficient, but according to an official statement made by Lord Wodehouse to the Agricultural Society of Ireland the Cabinet has considered the question, has decided that the disease originated in England, and therefore declines to prohibit importation. A fierce quarrel is raging as to the respective delinquencies of English and foreign beasts, in which "vets." and farmers take one side and salesmen generally the other. The evidence seems to outsiders as yet incon- clusive, but one thing is clear—the disease being in England now, calmot be checked by measures intended to prevent its entrance.