19 AUGUST 1865, Page 1

The Great Eastern arrived at Crookhaven on Thursday with news

of the Atlantic cable. She had steamed out from Valentia 1,063 miles, and arrived in lat. 51 deg. 25 sec. and long. 39 deg. 6 sec., when on 2nd inst. a partial loss of insulation was dis- covered. To remedy the fault the cable was passed from stern to bow of the ship, and hauled in, but after two miles had been safely recovered, the cable, injured by chafing against the stern, broke, and sank to the bottom. A grapnel was immediately lowered and dragged across the line of cable, and on the 3rd it was hooked, but after it had been lifted 1,200 yards a swivel gave way, and it was lost again. Between the 3rd and 11th this experiment was repeated seven times, but the hauling tackle or rope always broke, and it was not till her store of rope had been expended that the Great Eastern, placing a buoy to mark the spot, steamed for England. All on board believe in the possibility of recovering the cable, and in its perfect insulation, and declare that the opera- tion of laying could b3 repeated in any weather. They are apparently anxious to start at once with new tackle and lines, but the company which will have to pay for the experiment has not yet decided. It is probable, the cost of a new cable being con- sidered, that the attempt to recover this one will be made—an instance of most creditable perseverance.