19 AUGUST 1865, Page 2

imposture and a blasphemy." No matter, Jew or Christian, their

first duty was to curse hard. The Liverpool Ma, trying to express the universal annoyance of the community at these outrages, abused Mr. Kelly in language certainly violent, calling him "a crazy apostle of hyper-Calvinism" and an "insolent Irishman," and accusing him of tea-boiling and potato-cooking in -church, with other irrelevant charges, and Mr. Kelly brought his action. Of course he conducted his plaint himself, and so tediously that the weary jury, thinking his plaint as tiresome, as irrelevant, and as conceited as a sermon, gave him only a farthing damages. Mr. Kelly, undaunted, brought another suit, and got another farthing, and two more, and lost them both. Let us hope in charity that he has not a Jew attorney.