19 AUGUST 1865, Page 2

Lord Shaftesbary's philanthropic zeal evidently does not pay him. His

time is so entirely occupied with managing societies, presiding at public meetings, reforming sinners, and devising schemes of practical usefulness, that he neglects his own affairs. He has recently been compelled to accuse the steward of his Dorsetshire estates of embezzlements amounting to more than 8,000/., and so little does he know of his own property that Mr. Waters is able to base his defence on the assertion that there is money owing to him. Since 1855 half a million sterling has passed through the agents' hands, and there bas been no check save a yearly audit by a professional man, and the accounts are so enormous that they have taken twelve months to make up. The Earl never appears to have looked at them, and from the evidence -which he gave at Dorchester was, we fear, in the habit of sign- ing papers very often without reading them, or clearly under- standing what they did and did not authorize. The trial has been postponed till November, and though on the criminal side, must last almost as long as a suit in Chancery.