19 AUGUST 1865, Page 2

The cholera is still raging both in Italy, Turkey, and

Egypt. In the latter place it is travelling towards the upper provinces, leaving both Alexandria and Cairo full of dead. In Turkey it is in Cairo kil ling upwards of three hundred a day—though these Oriental statistics are very doubtful—and the disease has appeared in several villages of Asia Minor. In Italy its fury seems to have been chiefly spent on Ancona, where on the 6th the number of deaths rose to 102-50 per cent. of the cases. By Sunday the deaths had decreased to sixty-two, but the per-centage to cases was in- creasing. Indeed it has been unusually heavy throughout this outburst. In India, where some place or other is struck every year, the rule is that for the first three days nobody recovers, and then the per-centage gradually sinks, till those last attacked are cured almost as easily as if they had ordinary diarrhoea. The excessive heat of the summer has doubtless increased the severity of the visitation, and these unseasonable rains will not improve matters.