19 AUGUST 1865, Page 23

Philosophy ; or, the Science of Truth. By James Haig, MA.

(Saun- ders.)—Suppressed as a politician, Mr. Haig re-appears as a philosopher. Nothing can be simpler than the science of existence, as explained by him. Grant the postulate that some knowledge exists, and all difficulties

disappear, together with certain objectionable shapes that bear the names of Mill, Spencer, Whewell, Hamilton, &c., who are all workers of confusion. Some knowledge exists ; therefore there must be a mind to know, a thing known, and a word to express the knowledge, and these three are one. On this is based number, philosophy, religion. Here are specimens of the formulas :—Human Knowledge Mind x Thing x Word ; Space = Number x Time x Body. We are afraid Mr. Haig will be as solitary in his metaphysical speculations as he was in that famous committee-room in the City of Westminster.