19 AUGUST 1865, Page 24

A Key for Every Lock. By the late Rev. C.

T. Yorke, Rector of Shenfield. (Hatchard.)—This is an interpretation of the Book of Revela- tions, based on what is called by the author the general, as distinguished from the special principle. There are three principal objects symbol- ized in the book—Christ, the Church, and the foes of the Church,—and these objects are variously symbolized, according to their different phases or qualities. Thus the "two witnesses" represent the Church "wit- nessing for the truth," the "Woman clothed with the sun" is again the Church "supported by light alone," the "foes of the Church" are signi- fied by the Red Dragon—as "satanically aided by State power," and by "frog-like spirits" when it is intended to convey the idea of their "mean, insinuating qualities." So that a Dissenter summoned for Church-rates might consider his case clearly typified in c. 12, whilst some prelate of pleasant bearing and courtly grace would at once supply an application of c. 16 to an uncultivated opponent. We do not think that this method of interpretation will satisfy anybody ; it makes the prophecies mean everything and nothing, and is entirely inconsistent with the elaborate imagery and minutely descriptive form in which they are delivered. Those who have studied the whole range of Apocalyptic literature will reject it, equally with the less informed and more sensa- tional class of interpreters.