19 AUGUST 1865, Page 3

It is stated that the Prussian Government is trying to

accumu- late a treasure against "eventualities." Among other devices it has cancelled a contract with the Cologne-Minden Railway for a sum of 4,500,000/. This contract bound Government to guarantee 31 per cent. to the company, receiving in return the right of buying up a certain number of shares at par. As the shares have risen to 240 per cent., their power has been used till in about ten years Government will be owner of the line. The directors, annoyed at the prospect, have offered terms involving the bonus stated. The device is ingenious, and the objection that without a vote of the Chamber no such contract will be binding is not worth much. The Government would not break its faith, and no Parliament could force it to do so without moral discredit. Its duty would be to sanction the bargain, and behead Herr von Bismark for making it, and Prussians are not advanced to that point yet. While Berlin is thus raising millions, Count Larisch, it is stated, found in the Austrian Treasury only 30,0001., and the Government is only kept moving from day to day by loans from the house of Rothschild.