19 AUGUST 1876, Page 1

No news has arrived from Servia this week, the Turkish

Gene- ral opposite l3anja being apparently occupied in collecting sup- plies, which begin to fail his army. The Montenegrins, however, have had another and an important success. The Turks collected a corps d'armie of nearly 20,000 men, chiefly, however, Bashi- Bazouks, near Podgoritza, in order to succour Mukhtar Pasha, who is still peeping by fits and starts out of 'Trebinje. The army moved out on the 14th, but before Medun, while still entangled in the ravines, the Turks were attacked by the Montenegrins, who routed them, and kept up the pursuit for hours, killing and wounding 8,000 of their number. This is said to be the most considerable victory of the war, and is a curious evidence of the military superiority of the Montenegrins. If there were but 100,000 of them, the provinces north of the Balkan would be freed in a single campaign.