19 AUGUST 1876, Page 1

The Premier had reserved a great surprise for the last

days of the Session. It was announced on Saturday that Mr. Disraeli had taken the title of "Earl of Beaconsfield," and would not again appear within the House of Commons, where in future Sir Stafford Northcote, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, will reign as leader in his stead. No change will, it is stated, be made in the composition of the Cabinet, except the introduction of Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, which is expected immediately, and the retirement of Lord Malmesbury, from per- manent ill-health, which has already occurred. Mr. Disraeli, apparently to avoid the necessity of a reconstruction, has for the time taken the Privy Seal himself, and the Ministry has dispersed in search of rest as if nothing particular had happened. Nothing indeed will occur, unless Eastern affairs go wrong, until the Cabinet returns to London, when a remodelling to a considerable extent would appear to be inevitable.