19 AUGUST 1876, Page 2

General de Cissey has resigned the French Ministry at War


favour of General Berthaut, an officer believed to be no politician, but to possess considerable organising ability. The cause of General de Cissey's retirement has not been officially stated, though it is hinted that Marshal Ma,cMahon asked for this resignation ; but there can be little doubt that he.had become an object of dislike if not of suspicion to the Republicans, who resented his alleged dis- like for officers holding their principles. He was a Conservative in grain, but M. Thiers trusted him, and he had done a great amount of work towards the necessary reorganisation. It was,supposed that the President would never give him up, but the President's prin- ciple appears to be not that a particular man shall be War Minister, but that the War Minister shall not be &party :man.