19 AUGUST 1876, Page 2

The Not` tivatisadllertadArepette that 4he Chinese Government bas absolutely refused

to punish the Governor of Yunnan for the Aatirder of -Mr. Margary,-and-that Sir Thomas Wade has deemed it best to -interrupt negotiations and visit Tientsin, to discuss Affairs in Y-nnnan with Mr. Grosvenor. An ultimatum of some -kind is also spoken of as having been handed in to the Chinese Foreign Office. This news seems to be serious, but it must be vamembered that it is more than two months old (June 9). Had any rupture occurred, London would have heard of it by telegraph. It is most probable that Sir Thomas Wade, finding it impossible to obtain further concessions from the Government of Pekin without a resort to force, has referred the whole question to the Cabinet for a final decision.