19 AUGUST 1876, Page 2

The Vivisection Bill passed on Friday week, after one deter-

mined attempt to reduce it to a nullity. Mr. Lowe moved that the clause requiring licenses from the Home Secretary should only apply to persons who had not received a regular medical education, but was beaten on a division by 27

to 82. He also objected to the clause specially protecting dogs, cats, horses, mules, and asses, declaring that they created "an aristocracy of animals," and asking who we were, that we should draw distinctions sentencing one class to pain and offering exemption to another,—a good argument only for a Bill abolishing vivisection altogether. Mr. Cross then passed his amendment forbidding private prosecutions of licensed physiolo- gists, which we fear will work badly ; and then Mr. Forster moved that the clause surrendering cold-blooded animals to the physio- logists should be struck out, and only invertebrate animals left in their hands. This was carried by 57 to 20, and the frogs are therefore saved from torture by any but " eminent " hands.