19 AUGUST 1876, Page 21

Sketches of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians. By Colonel W. F. B.

Laurie. (J. B. Day.)—This is an interesting little book, giving as it does outlines of the lives of some of the less-known of those who have helped to win or keep our Indian Empire. Since the visit of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, our Eastern dependency has been almost rediscovered, so lot us hope the reading public is not yet tired of the "brightest jewel in the British Crown," but will well requite the pains taken by Colonel Laurie. Considered from any other than a military stand-point, perhaps, the days of Clive would not boar a very close in- spection, and the author has done wisely in confining his biographies to the nineteenth century, but such names as Henry Lawrence and Neill shine brighter the more we know of them.