19 AUGUST 1876, Page 3

• Lord Northbrook repudiates the idea that we ought to

support *he Turks in their oppressions because the Mahommedans in India sympathise with their fellow-religionists. At an entertain- ment given him by his former constituents of Penrhyn and Fal- mouth, he said "it was excessively difficult in any country to speak to the probable effect that any question supposed to be a religious one might have upon the people, and it was still more difficult to speak with any confidence of the effect of a religious movement in another country upon the people of India, but so far as he was able to form an opinion from personal observation, he believed there was no particular relation between the movements of Mahommedan populations in Turkey and India, and that the events now occurring in Turkey and Servia would not have any sensible effect upon India, so far as regards British power in that ,Empire." We have heard that Sir Saler Jung, a most competent witness, while in this country expressed the same opinion. It is the fate of Mecca, not of Stamboul, in which Indian Mussultuans are keenly interested.