19 AUGUST 1972, Page 18

Enoch and Europe

Sir: May I say how very much I agree with the sentiments expressed in the letter (July 29) by Isla M. Atherley, about Mr Enoch Powell, I also think he is the only hope for Britain, I admire him for his love of country and his stand against the EEC catastrophe.

I feel sure that, as usual, the line he takes over Northern Ireland will prove to be right.

I also deprecated the 'Political commentary by Hugh Macpherson. Dne feels that he was disappointed that Enoch Powell did not speak in the House of Commons so he was forced to criticise him for just sitting.

I would also like to say that it now seems to be taken for granted that to be nationalistic is 'somehow discreditable. On the contrary I consider that lack of pride of race is one of the reasons for our present low moral tone.

N. A. Nicholson 4 Tudor Gables, Birkbeck Road, Mill Hill, London NW7