19 AUGUST 1972, Page 18

Sir: Much has been said and written recently about the

difficulty of enforcing laws and pursuing poli cies which do not command majority support. Whether the Industrial Relations Act commands majority support is a moot point but so many Acts have been passed and policies pursued by all governments over the last decade or so against the definite will of the majority that no government, as a government, can expect to be regarded by a probable majority of the electorate other than with contemptuous indifference. The Man of Principle is merely Mr Wilson in a yachting-cap after all.

If one policy more than another is responsible for the division between rulers and ruled it is the deliberate settling in Britain of large numbers of alien peoples. The Race Relations Act has aggravated the situation rather like Prohibition in America which increased drunkenness. The Americans did not grant their government the right to decide whether they should drink or not; similarly the British do not grant their government the right to decide with whom the individual will associate. The British have voted with their feet and moved away as the aliens have moved in.

Now you, sir, say that 'we' must allow the African Asians to settle here (August 12). You base this argument on the fact that Mr Duncan Sandys ' gave ' UK nationality to them but do you seriously argue that Britain was, as it were, in the feudal gift of Mr Sandys? Was his policy carried out with the full-hearted consent of the British people from whom he is supposed to derive his authority? It was not.

Far from accepting these Asians, we should commence immediately repatriating all non-UK residents with no ties of blood. Our national identity is at stake and unless we do this, our social and economic problems will reach a point where a British Fiihrer will arise who will get power on a policy of Britain for the British. His power, be it noted, will rest on very popular consent. But many people will get badly hurt in the process. C. W. Bond 88 Lower Bristol Road, Westonsuper-Mare, Somerset