19 AUGUST 1972, Page 18

Sir: What General Amin is saying in respect of the

Asians in Uganda is that he is not prepared to tolerate control of the country's economy by aliens. And it is a fact that the majority of the commercial life of Uganda is dominated by people of Asian origin, albeit mostly now ' British' citizens by an almost criminally stupid decision of a former British government.

It is a principle we could well adopt in Britain, since our own economy is being progressively taken over by foreign commercial concerns. The Clyde shipyards are the latest example.

Something like 15 per cent of the total capital value of British industry is American owned and in important sectors like the motor industry, petroleum, films and business machines the degree is between 50 per cent and 100 per cent. Other states have a similar but by no means inconsiderable share and this will no doubt increase sharply when we are forced into the Common Market in January.

It is a fact of life in the modern world that if a nation has no economic and financial freedom it can have no political freedom. So there must be a limit as to how far a nation can allow its economy to be internationalised if it is to protect its national interests and guard against foreign economic power being used to influence national policy.

Therefore the present situation must be remedied as a matter of urgency by legislation which places limits upon foreign investment in Britain and upon the participation of foreigners in our economic life. Also, in the long term, by encouraging the spirit of enterprise among our own people by building a society based on the principles of national pride and hard work, principles now restricted by the incentive-killing policies of one government after another.

Philip Baker 243 Loddon Bridge Road, Woodley, Berks