19 AUGUST 1989, Page 20

LETTERS Animal crackers

Sir: I am indebted to Mr Waugh (Another voice, 12 August) for clarifying my mind to the point of decision I am on the side of the animals. Responsibility devolves with power. As our power over the natural world increases so do our duties towards it increase. Those duties, either by us as a people or as a species, simply are not being performed. We remain in the Auberon Waugh stage.

I count myself a Conservative. It may be very naive but I have it fixed in my head that conservatism is to do with conserva- tion. In point of politics there can surely be no more important a question than whether our species and some 500 million evolutionary years' worth of species will continue to exist.

The dismal thing about politics is not the sight of the embattled ranks of the enemy (have at them) but of our own ranks. As one's glance travels down the ranks of our allies doubts creep in. I am a humble private soldier in Burke's Blues, Mr Waugh, out in front, mounted on his high horse, is a captain in the Hog Trough Tories.

F. A. G. Redl

3 Manor Cottages, Iford, Lewes, East Sussex