19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 1

The Berlin correspondent of the Standard states that the Powers

have agreed to a personal union between Bulgaria and East Ronmelia. Under this scheme Prince Alexander will be appointed Governor-General of Roumelia for life, with certain rights of succession to his heir as yet undefined. It is added that an effort will be made to carry out the Macedonian clause of the Treaty of Berlin. Peace, therefore, is expected for a time in the Balkans ; but there is still one hitch. The Greeks, who are excited beyond all reason by the Bulgarian success, which they say will secure to Bulgaria the hegemony of the Balkans, refuse to disarm unless they receive due compensation. A sort of ultimatum is, in fact, published in Friday's Telegraph, threatening immediate war if the demands of the Athenian Government are not complied with. The Greeks are a little late in the field. The Turkish Government, which from the first has dreaded Greece, has now a powerful army in Mace- donia, and would rather like not to disband it without doing something. If Greece could defeat that army she would, of course, get Epirus, and perhaps half Macedonia ; but can she ? That will depend on the truth of the rumour that the Albanians have made terms with her, and will join her standard.