19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 1

The Imperial Powers have some motive for delay in settling

Balkan politics. Prince Alexander and King Milan have agreed to sheathe swords ; but a Commission of Military Attach6s from Vienna, representing all signatories to the Treaty of Berlin, is to mark out a " neutral zone " between the Servian and Bulgarian Armies. The Powers are then to settle what each State is to receive or pay, and perhaps to revise the Treaty of Berlin. The neutral zone could be kept by the two Generals if they chose, and the whole arrangement is intended to gain time ; but with what object P According to one set of observers, it is to wear away the winter so as to allow the Great Powers to interfere more easily and effectually ; but according to another set, the reason is a humbler one. The Czar has been convinced that Bulgaria and Ronmelia must be united ; but he personally detests Prince Alexander; the order dismissing the Prince from the Russian Army was his own unadvised and ill-advised work, and he does not know how to give way. The German Emperor is, therefore, exerting his influence, and meanwhile time is gained by military negotiations for which there is no need. It is just possible that the Czar will not bring himself to yiele, and then Prince Alexander must strike hard, relying on the reluctance of the two Empires to appear openly in the field.