19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 2

The news from Egypt is still scanty and obscure ;

but her Majesty's Government evidently believe that the new Arab leader, Khalif Abdoollah, who holds the River Nile from Khartoum to Dongola, has serious intentions of invading Egypt. He is un- known, and his strength is unknown ; but it is believed that most of the tribes which followed the. Mandi follow him, and he is certainly keeping up small but persistent attacks upon our ad- vanced posts South of Wady Haifa.. He has been repulsed as yet ; but there is an idea in Cairo that the Arabs may get behind the British, and pour into Lower Egypt. That strategy is probably too bold for Arabs; who made no attempt of the kind against General Wolseleya bat the possibility should not be lost sight of. The Government wished to advance to Dongola, but ulti- mately rejected that plan, and it is demi-officially announced that they will fight a defensive campaign. We prefer leaving such questions to the soldiers; bat it.certainly appears to lay minds thatior a defensive war our poeitions are terriblyscattered. Why not fall back on Assonan, and, if the Arabs follow, attack them at that distaace from their base ? We suppose the answer is that Egypt would be excited.; but Orientals wait to:see which wins on the field before they rise in. insurrection. That course is not only convenient but pima Asiatics believing, as Cromwell be- lieved, that victory not only comes from God, but.is the seal of his approval.