19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 24

Her Gentle Deeds. By Sarah Tytler. (Isbister.)—Kirten Stewart, the heroine

of this story, is left with the charge of three helpless and penniless children. They had been committed to her charge by their father, who pretends that he has provided means for their support, but who really is a fraudulent bankrupt. She brings them to England from Australia under this belief, but will not leave them when she finds out the truth. Her resolute struggle to do the duty that has been thus put upon her is finely described ; though when it comes to the actual work of providing for the family, the author has to introduce a dens as mexhind in the shape of a timely legacy which replaces the little fortune lost in the ruin of a bank. Perhaps the other problem, bow a young woman was to support three children,

was insoluble. '